STICKY - Forum Guidelines

The ScriptSpot community is a place for professional artists, developers, students or others to come discuss relevent topics. Topics which are deemed inappropriate or inflammatory may be removed at moderator disgression. This is an open community, but it is not a place to air our differences - keep on topic and everyone will benefit from the collective knowledge here.

Content that does not adhere to the following guidelines may be removed or edited without warning at moderator disgression:

  1. No inflammatory content. An example of such content could be wartime opinions, religious convictions and the like.

  2. No content with foul or offensive language.

  3. No personal attacks. This is not a podium for mud slinging.

  4. Do not advocate software piracy. ScriptSpot users are professionals who have often invested thousands of dollars in software that keeps them employed.
  5. Do not post duplicate messages or the same message in multiple forums. If you accidentally do so, users are able to remove their own posts, simply click the post, then edit at the top and then delete.

  6. Do not post SPAM (really, does that even need to be mentioned?)