Student Projects and an Introduction

Hi my name is Austin, and I'm a art student at the Guildhall ( at SMU. My post here is primarily designed to just say "Hi" to the scripting community and to put forth a few tools I made. Currently I'm testing the waters to see how I would enjoy a position as a technical artist. Right now we're doing a directed focus study, and my goal is to create three separate tools that would help us as students/artists. Here is a description of the three and and download links for all of them. Questions, comments, and criticism in general is of course welcomed.

The first tool is simply designed to make it easy for all of us to submit a file for grading. It follows the conventions that were set for us at the beginning of the program. Simply put it will place the pivot at the center and bottom of the object, zero out the position, changes the viewing mode to shaded wireframe, changes view ports to the four windows he likes, and renames the object, associated material, and filename. It will also apply an xform and do an stl check. If zero errors are found it will go ahead and collapse the stack down to edit poly. The only bug I've personally noticed is sometimes it doesn't zoom at the end, despite the command being there.

The second tool is merely designed to select all vertices that are weighted to the selected bone. It's very simple, but a tool that myself and many of my classmates have been wanting when we are rigging characters to unreal.

The third tool, which I'm starting planning today will be a batch render tool. I'm sure that this script already exists, but I figured it'll be nice to work with an aspect of max I haven't touched yet, rendering. The goal is to create a tool that can set up cameras the user wants (Front, Back, Left, Right, Top, Bottom, and/or 3/4 perspective. It will render out and take jpgs for Wireframe, Textured, and Shaded Wireframe.

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