Textfile splines to xyz and adding sweep modifier


I am having difficulty creating a swept modifier on a series of splines. The splines are generated from a text file which provides an x,y,z of each knot.
Whilst the splines come in generally correctly ( I cant tell because I cannot click on the vertex and move it etc to see the coordinate) the sweep modifier is not consistent across each spline nor follows the custom sweep object shape.
I thought this may have been a problem with the pivot but its still not working correctly.

I am also having an issue with the boolean of the left or right. I was wondering if I could get some tips on this, I am very green with Maxscript. thank you.

My code thus far is;

	  arr = $'Plinth*' as array
		arrg = $'Grout*' as array
  for i = 1 to arr.count do
	 if arr[i] != undefined do
	  delete arr[i] 
	  delete arrg[i] 
fileIn "C:\\My Projects\\Plinths.ms"
n = getOpenFileName caption:"Open Plinth File:"  filename:"C:/My Projects/" 
f = openfile n mode:"r"
count = 0
while not eof f do
  l = readline f
  data = filterstring l "|"
	     mySpline= splineShape name: ( uniqueName data[1])
    addnewspline mySpline
	tarx = data[2] as float
	tary = data[3] as float
	tarz = data[4] as float
	tar2x = data[5] as float
	tar2y = data[6] as float
	tar2z = data[7] as float
            addknot mySpline 1 #corner #line (point3 tarx tary tarz)
            addknot mySpline 1 #corner #line (point3 tar2x tar2y tar2z)
    close mySpline 1
    mySpline.Name = data[1] as string
	CenterPivot mySpline
 beamtype =  getNodeByName data[8]
  for index = mySpline.modifiers.count to 1 by -1 do
if ((classOf mySplinemodifiers[index]) == Sweep) do
      deleteModifier mySpline index
   local sw=sweep() -- create a sweep modifier
   addModifier mySpline sw -- add sweep modifier
   select mySpline -- select mySplineect
     mySpline.modifiers[#Sweep].CustomShape = 1
   mySpline.modifiers[#Sweep].XOffset = 0
   mySpline.modifiers[#Sweep].yOffset = 0
     mySpline.modifiers[#Sweep].MirrorXZPlane = off
     mySpline.modifiers[#Sweep].shapes[1] = beamtype.baseObject
         mySpline.modifiers[#Sweep].PivotAlignment = 0
   ss1 = data[9] as string
     ss = substring (ss1) 1 4 
    --if (ss = "Left") then
           mySpline.modifiers[#Sweep].MirrorXZPlane = off
        -- if (ss = Righ) then mySpline.modifiers[#Sweep].MirrorXZPlane = on
            mySpline.modifiers[#Sweep].Banking = off
            mySpline.modifiers[#Sweep].SmoothSection= on
            mySpline.modifiers[#Sweep].SmoothPath = off
the standard textfile is like this but there is many more; where its name, x knot 1, y knot1, z knot 1, x knot 2 to z knot 2, the shape STD_Plinth which looks like an L and which way it faces.
Grout_ 1|7270.313|-2280.269|64.548|7274.148|-2283.862|64.63|STD_Grout|Left