Trying to figure out how to access some extended material parameters - need help please.

Bear with me - I literally started Max scripting yesterday so I'm relatively proud to have gotten as far as I have but now I'm stuck.
I'm trying to dump a bunch of values from an old Kuju material plugin (for the Railworks game) into a file to make it easier for me to migrate the materials to the latest version of Max with the game's latest plugin.
I've managed to grab some of the extended values - those that showed up when I queried the materials using getPropNames, but that's only 8 of the values out of a possible 50 or so and I'm not sure how to get the others.
I've attached my script so far - don't laugh - it's very rudimentary. But if you look at the attached screenshot, I'm trying to figure out how to find the values for things like the shader name, the UV arguments, filter mode and things like that. I've tried apropos() with some values but nothing obvious is presenting itself to my queries and now I'm stuck.
Any suggestions or help would be appreciated. The older max plugins that this game used are available as a zip file if anyone cares to help, although probing those using a non-coding brain (ie. mine) hasn't proven especially useful :)

My script so far:

fn showMaterialDetails mat indent =
	-- The 'indent' value is either 0 or 1, allowing the output to be indented for multi/subobject materials
	-- This happens by prepending the outputs with the 'indentation' string
	if (indent == 1) then
		local indentation="     "
		local indentation=""
	format "%Material name: %\n" indentation
	-- Custom properties from Kuju materials are:#alpha,#Fog,#Specular,#Diffuse,#Ambient,#Emissive,#Specular_Power,#ZBias,#MipMap_LOD_Bias,#maps							?
	-- Got these using loop:
	-- for i in getPropNames mat do print i
	mipLODBias = getProperty mat #MipMap_LOD_Bias
	format "%Mip LOD Bias = %\n" indentation mipLODBias
	zBias = getProperty mat #ZBias
	format "%Z Bias = %\n" indentation zBias
	alpha = getProperty mat #Alpha
	format "%Alpha = %\n" indentation alpha
	fog = getProperty mat #Fog
	format "%Fog = %\n" indentation fog
	lightmatAmb = getProperty mat #Ambient
	format "%Lighting material Ambient = %\n" indentation lightmatAmb
	lightmatDiff = getProperty mat #Diffuse
	format "%Lighting material Diffuse = %\n" indentation lightmatDiff
	lightmatEmis = getProperty mat #Emissive
	format "%Lighting material Emissive = %\n" indentation lightmatEmis
	lightmatSpec = getProperty mat #Specular
	format "%Lighting material Specular = %\n" indentation lightmatSpec
	lightmatSpecPower = getProperty mat #Specular_Power
	format "%Lighting material Specular Power= %\n" indentation lightmatSpecPower
	-- Start iterating through the submaps - at this point these are now the texture slots
	numSubs = getNumSubTexmaps mat
	for i=1 to numSubs do
		subMat=getSubTexmap mat i
		if (subMat!= undefined) then
			if classof subMat== Bitmaptexture then
				format "%Slot % name:% Bitmap %\n" indentation (i as string) ( (filenameFromPath filename)
	format "\n"
for topLevelMaterial in sceneMaterials do
	if (classof topLevelMaterial) == Kuju_Material then
		showMaterialDetails topLevelMaterial 0
		format "\n"
	else if (classof topLevelMaterial) == multiMaterial then
		format "Multi/sub-object material: %\n"
		for i=1 to getNumSubMtls topLevelMaterial do
			subMaterial=getSubMtl topLevelMaterial i
			showMaterialDetails subMaterial 1
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