UI script for Hunter Killer Terminator 2

Hey everyone, I am new here so forgive my lack of knowlegde when it comes to well.... everything.

I am currently at university doing a rigging module, I have chosen a basic mesh of a Hunter Killer from terminator 2 to rig.

To add some complexity to this ordinary task I wanted to create a simple UI that could control the various aspects of the HK. yaw, pitch, hieght etc.

Now with linking the dummies that constrol these to sliders in the viewport is easy. However Id like them to be linked to the sliders in my UI. I was wondering if anyone could provide some pointers as to where I could go. For example id like the leg sliders to link with the dummies controlling the landing legs of the HK, and move them on the x axis (in gimble view), up and down.

The attatched image shows how the UI is currently constructed its basic I know but I cleaned it up after my last failed attempt.

Any help would be very much appreciated.