Unwrap UVW, Vertex Paint Scripting help.

Hello all and nice to meet you all.. First time post here!.
A little bit about myself.
I have been using many graphic editing programs since the days of Macromedia Flash 5, Fireworks, and Paintshop. 3 of my Favorite first editing software programs! I started dabbling with Simply 3D many many years ago.. Yeah I'm not a millennial LOL.. I'm over 40 :).
I've played more then my fair share of MMO's ranging from HL, OP4, CS, TFC, WOW, DDO, Neverwinter, list goes on and on LOL. Gamer4Lifer.

Started playing WoT (World of Tanks) back when they first went live 7.0 up to 8.6. Took a break RL situations, Back into the game agian.. which kickstarted me back into my favorite kind of stuf.. Creative Editing (2D and 3D). So started learning 3ds Max (have legit copy via my Brother:Architectual and Mechanical Engineer).
I am currently using 3ds Max and been watching tutorials and dabbling in the edit poly mode for the last 3 months and finally getting comfortable enough to start having some fun with WoT's Tanks.
started learning about the macroscript for the last few weeks and this is where I could really use some help.
First let me share some more info on WoT and some programs that I use to import, edit and export with in order to use my remodeled Tanks in WoT.

Creator: Coffee_ Github account with Link to program
1. Tank Exporter Utility
2. Swizzler
3. XML Editor
4. Photoshop CC 2017

Now what I am trying to do is create a macroscript to quickly do in order of the following.
See this video for reference. From Coffee_ (Tank exporter Utility Program)

goto 11:13 on time line to see the process in which I am trying to create a macroscript of. I will be editing alot of Vehicles from this game and this macroscript would be HUGELY Helpful to speed things up.

I had Editable Mesh Selected so that the main 3d model was totally selected.
BTW this all done in Editable Mesh Mode.

Unwrap UVW > Modifier VertexPaint > Modifier VertexPaint: Parameters: Channel Select VertexAlpha > Right click select collapse ALL > Yes

I enabled macroscript recorder in the listener to attempt this. This is the result.

modPanel.addModToSelection (Unwrap_UVW ()) ui:on
modPanel.addModToSelection (VertexPaint ()) ui:on
modPanel.addModToSelection (VertexPaint ()) ui:on
maxOps.CollapseNode $ off

I tried this macroscript on a new model and did not work, so any help would be greatly appreciated. and ty. If needing an .FBX Please let me know.