Using a float controller to move a plane

Hi I need some help. (Noob)
I have a number of planes whose width and length are controlled by bezier_float() controllers. The same controller is controlling their uvmaps length and width as well. (so if the size of the plane changes so does the uvmap)

What I'd like to do is use the same controller to adjust their positions based on the controllers value using this formula [(((10.0/100.0)*WidthController.value)+WidthController.value/2),0,0] (changes position by halving the width and adding 10% to it) This formula would be in a different x,y,z coordinate depending on the direction it is facing (which never changes) apart from -+

I've been looking at translate, transform script etc.
I've got it to work without the controllers but it wont update without deleting the planes and then entering different dimensions in the rollout and then recreating them and ideally I'd like everything to update at the same time.

Any and all help gratefully received.

Some of the script I know this doesn't work to adjust their positions.

local modplanesFloater
global LengthController=bezier_float()
global WidthController=bezier_float()

rollout modplanesRollout ""

group "Select Planes"
checkbox PF1 " Front" checked:true tooltip:"Front Plane check to include" align:#left --checkbox
checkbox PT2 " Top" checked:true tooltip:"Top Plane check to include" align:#left --checkbox
checkbox PL3 " Left" checked:true tooltip:"Left Plane check to include" align:#left --checkbox
checkbox PR4 " Right" checked:true tooltip:"Right Plane check to include" align:#left --checkbox
checkbox PB5 " Bottom" checked:false tooltip:"Bottom Plane check to include" align:#left --checkbox
checkbox PBa6 " Back" checked:false tooltip:"Back Plane check to include" align:#left --checkbox

group "Freeze Planes"
dotNetControl db1 "Button" toolTip:"Press this button to Freeze the Planes" width:65 height:20 across:2 align:#left --Button creation
dotNetControl db2 "Button" toolTip:"Press this button to unFreeze the Planes" width:65 height:20 align:#right--Button creation

group "Plane Size"
spinner fWidth "Width: " type:#worldunits scale:0.1 range:[1.0,999999,60.0] controller:WidthController --Spinner creation
spinner fLength "Height: " type:#worldunits scale:0.1 range:[1.0,999999,40.0] controller:LengthController --Spinner creation

button dPlanes "Delete 'em" toolTip:"Press this button to delete Planes." width:60 across:2 align:#left --Button creation
button cPlanes "Create Planes" toolTip:"Press this button to create Planes." width:74 --Button creation
button cExit "Exit" border:false toolTip:"Press this button to close Modelling Planes." --Button creation

on cPlanes pressed do --Run the script when button is pressed
actionMan.executeAction 0 "50048" --opens the material editor

if PF1.checked == true do
Plane name:"Front_Plane" length:LengthController.value width:WidthController.value lengthsegs:1 widthsegs:1 isSelected:true
rotate $Front_Plane (angleaxis 90 [1,0,0])
in coordsys local WidthController.value=$.pos.y(((10.0/100.0)*WidthController.value)+WidthController.value/2)
$.material = meditMaterials[1]
$.backfacecull = on
$.showFrozenInGray = off
$.renderable = off
modPanel.addModToSelection (Uvwmap ()) ui:on
modPanel.setCurrentObject $.modifiers[#UVW_Mapping]
meditMaterials[1].selfIllumAmount = 100
meditMaterials[1].name = "Front Plane"
meditMaterials[1].diffuseMapEnable = on
meditMaterials[1].diffuseMap = BitmapTexture fileName:"C:\\Documents and Settings\\Bite Me\\My Documents\\3dsMax\\sceneassets\\images\\"
showTextureMap $.material on