Write name of the slave(render farm) in the Exr metadata

Hello there. This is my first post here! :)

I am using 3dsmax vray, deadline, and I render in Exr.

I want to write in the metadata of my exr render, the name of the slave which rendered the frame. It will help us tracking buggy slaves. At a further point, I would like to add as well different kind of info (like render times.)

Any ideas on how to grab dynamically the computer name?
-So far I am considering adding a postrender callback which will write in the metadata the computer name. something like:
fopenexr.addStringAttribute "RenderSlave" sysInfo.computername

What d you think?

PS: We are rendering through the regular 3dsmax output, and not the VrayFrameBuffer, this is why we are not using VrayOptionRE. But we will consider it if it happens to be more convenient.