Writing text in bitmap

Hello there, I'm looking for a way to write text on a bitmap created in maxscript to use as a map.
I'm kind of new to maxscript.
It's been game programming in C# before, and that's about it, so please bear with me.

Considerations till now:

I would really hate to have to hide everything in the scene, set up a camera, background, renderer etc, and create the text as a text object. Would be a hassle to code, would be slow, and could possibly go pretty bad when used in some instances.

I've also thought about creating the object, reading the mesh in local space and writing an algorithm that renders a 2d-map from this coordinate-conversion, but that would lack antialiasing, and is really kind of complex.

Then there's .NET, but I've never touched upon this before, and it seems that only way I can get it from a .NET-object to a maxscript bitmap is through the clipboard.

So if anyone has any suggestions, or any input on using any of these methods, I'd much appreciate it :)