Xref Object in without its controller?

Hi All,

I am hoping someone can help me with this code. I am making a script that Xrefs into my scene a bunch of different tree models. I then use a 'drop' script to drop the xref object trees onto a terrain mesh. It all works great so far except that when I reload the master scene, the xref objects do not retain their placement because of the controller that comes in with them.

I know I can manually use the Xref Objects dialog in the master scene to remove the xref controllers from the scene. But I figure there should be an easier way to simply Xref in the tree model without the controller to begin with.

The code I am using is:

objXRefMgr.dupMtlNameAction = #useXRefed
objXRefMgr.AddXRefItemsFromFile "C:\\Tree_1.max" objNames:(getMAXFileObjectNames "C:\\tree_1.max") promptObjNames:false

Can anyone point me how to add code so the Xref Object comes in without the controller (or with the controller disabled, etc.)? Or, maybe how to immediately remove the controller after it is xrefed in? Or some other way?

Thanks alot!