Prime Focus Vancouver are Recruiting Pipeline TDs

Areas of Responsibility:

• Work with the production team to ensure that client delivery specifications are met.
• Work with the Head of Technical Direction, 2D and 3D Supervisors to further develop our VFX pipeline.
• Research, develop and maintain existing and new database, ingest and delivery tools including core library tools and the user interfaces that present them.
• Troubleshoot complex workflow and pipeline problems with the artists
• Recommend, suggest and define new tools and techniques to improve the efficiency of the VFX pipeline.

Position Requirements:

• Strong knowledge of database fundamentals including SQL, scripting, procedures, triggers and events and database layout, normalization and design.
• Strong knowledge of ingest and delivery tools required in a VFX pipeline necessary for film projects.
• Experience coding to a database API.
• Experience with one or more of the following databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server or couchDB.
• Strong scripting background preferably in Python or pyQt.
• Ability to work in a team with other specialized programmers, utilizing existing APIs / libraries.
• At least 3 years VFX pipeline TD experience preferable.
• At least 5 years feature film overall experience preferable.
• Good working knowledge of the C and C++ languages.
• Excellent understanding of VFX pipelines, their applicability and importance in shot and project workflow.
• Must have a willingness to learn new tools, proven ability to be detail-oriented and to work efficiently within a production environment.
• Excellent problem solving skills including the ability to work under tight deadlines.
• Good written and oral communication skills including strong interpersonal skills. Ability to work in a team environment and take direction.
• A creative problem solver who is organized and constantly strives to improve the quality of his/her work.
• A history of consistent high-end aesthetic and technical execution.
• Bachelors Degree in Animation, Computer Animation, or related field; or equivalent professional experience.

To apply, please submit your resume here: