3dsmax 2012+ Renderware IO

I am after any script/plugin developer(s) who do not mind giving their free time to create a game development suit for ageing Renderware game engine.

More members I can get on board maybe the quicker this little project could be completed.

Sadly max script isn't my area of expertise. however I am very knowledgeable about the engine in question. I've had a look at other scripts that used to work on 3dsmax6+ (don't laugh) but I can not seem to get my head around it and core components to these scripts seems to be encrypted by another dev who has long since retired.

I guess the biggest problem is 3dsmax scripts I have (kams scripts) do not work on todays 3dsmax versions.

so is it possible to create a script kit that can at least be used for years to come??

I run a lot of non profit open source projects where these tools if created will be used for this. Helping others to create objects and get these into game.

If your interested or you know someone who could be. please let me know. What is required depends in the flexibility of max script.

With the ability to;

1. Import any RW object .dff into 3dsmax

2. export single or any number of RW objects .dff from 3dsmax with materials from .bmp .png .jpg library assists.

Auto generate .txd(s) with dxt1-5 compression.

This would be a map exporter..

3. export collisions with surface types.
May these is a way to detect bitmap names like grass128_64.bmp UV mapped on parts of the model, so this automatically gets converted to grass_vc surface type on the collision.

4. export custom .dff

5. export animation types .ifp that work in combination with .dff

6. UV map manager to help UV map these objects.

7. IPL /IDE ascii text manager. for importing and exporting the objects X, Y, Z cords, managing IDE object ID's.

Keeping a library of exported .dff objects with their assigned IDs.

I guess more could be done here for checking clone model names, or free ID's unassigned objects slots. ID used twice.

I can explain more in depth as information is required.

If your truly interested please contact me at [email protected]
or irc.ukscifi.net in #gtamoddering