Archive Multiple Max Files

Is there a script that will archive all of my Max files into one zip, without the use of WinZIP or WinRAR. I need it to act like the archive feature currently in Max, but I need to archive all of my files into one and archive only one instance of any of the texture map(s) (no duplicates).

The problem: Currently have a central repository on a server for texture maps, but the actual max files are located inside of specific project folders (texture maps specific to that project are stored in the sceneassets folder for that project). When a project is finalized I must ZIP everything up and send it out. If I zip each file individually then I am going to have a lot of ZIP files with a lot of redundancy. I also need to do this without zipping up my entire asset repository, only the files that are being used.

Example of what I need:

X: Drive

-Asset Repository Folder:

-Project 1 Folder:
Textures Used:
- uses screwhead.jpg from asset repository - located outside of the Project 1 folder
- sceneassets folder located in the Project 1 folder

If each file is zipped individually I will be sending 4 copies of the screwhead.jpg and any other texture used in those files. I want Files 1-4 and ALL of their textures zipped into one file. Please do not look at this as simple as four files and only one texure that can be added to a zip file. I have thousands.

If there is anything that can be done script or other wise please let me know.