Creating animated particles from text (.csv, .txt, .xlsx, .xml)

I'm looking for a script that will generate thousands (possibly millions) of objects from a text file such as a .csv document. Each object will need a radius and a unique xyz position that will change per frame (this information is from the document)

Is this something max (or maxscript) will be capable of handling? or is there some software out there that could do this better (some sort of particle system that can handle huge amounts of pebbles/rocks?). The simulation needs to be technically accurate (probably with other additional simulation statistics like colour by speed) so I don't think it could be generated in max natively.

If such a script is feasible but needs to be created, how difficult would it be to code?
Attached is a sample of the data to be processed into max (.txt or .xlsx -remove txt) not all fields are required and the time is assuming 30fps).

The format of the data is:
Time1,Iteration,ID,Time2,radius,posX,posY,posZ,velX,velY,velZ, mass
(only ID, Time2, radius, posX, posY and posZ are relevant)

particle_data.txt1.97 MB
particle_data.xlsx_.txt2.1 MB