Custom Script wanted to take existing objects, delete modifiers (down to Sweep), create copies, modify Sweep Profile etc

I have a set of 100 products, but I need a custom script that will go through them all in a batch fashion and create 1000's of products, basically making copies of these existing objects but with different heights....

So, currently I have 100's of objects that are 150mm high and I want to create other height sized objects (there are six different heights, from 70mm to 220mm).

The 100's objects are already created and their names are all nice and logical (code, height, thickness).

This is what I need done in a batch process;

1) Take these objects and extract their custom profile shape from the Sweep modifier, making an instance of that custom profile shape (that extracted instance will need to be named in a similar convention of its originator object, i.e. Code_Thickness_Height and this shape will have the work "_Profile" appended to it.

2) Modify that extracted profile shape by increasing the height of it by a certain amount (i.e. you take the bottom 2 vertices and Select Inverse so you have all the Vertices except the bottom 2 and moving those up by an amount). The 'delta' difference will be an amount that will be given by the difference of what it is destined to become (so the original is already 150mm high, and if the batch process is to create a 220mm high product (that 220 will already be in the name), the delta factor to increase the height is by delta +70mm. (Note, so some will be altered by a negative delta amount, eg a 75mm high product will go down by 75mm).

3) Then apply a UVMap of fixed Box size to the stack.

4) Then apply an Edit Poly Modifier to the object to detach the "ends" of the object.

5) Name the "ends" of these objects using the the same name as the original object but append the suffix "_Ends" (2 ends, one object).

Process the entire selected set of objects in this fashion.

I'm looking for an idea how long it'll take to do this and how much it'll cost.

Many thanks.