Looking for help developing several tools - Paid job

I am currently working on creating and improving several MaxScript tools to increase my own productivity. My own MaxScript experience is limited, and I am too busy with modelling and animating to spend the necessary time to develop these tools on my own. I'm looking for someone more proficient than I am to help write one or more of the scripts described below. Please give me a quote or an estimate and we can make arrangements from there. I can be reached by email at [email protected]

 I am looking for someone who can help with any of the following:

 1) I have a MAXScript program where: The user selects two objects that intersect each other, and pushes the vertices of one object out of the way of the other. The result creates a “footprint” of one shape in the other.

I would like the following additional features added: Right now the program only moves the vertices that directly intersect the affecting object, resulting in a sharp edge on the impression. I woul d like to be able to incorporate a “soft selection” effect for more gradual edges. The user should be able to control the distance and strength of this effect. Also, I would like a feature that allows for animated deformation over time (i.e. things like indented tracks appearing behind rolling wheels).

2) I need a MAXScript program where: The user starts with a branching spline object (having splines that branch off of each other at various knots). The script uses this object as a reference to create an editable mesh or poly. I also need some sort of parametric controls in place where the user can control the width of the various branches at the points of intersection, and at the ends of the branches.

I have a sample script that has some of the functionality described above. It is a bit messy and uses some workarounds for things I don’t know how to do.

 3) I need a MAXscript program where: The user selects an editable mesh or poly (or portion of an editable mesh or poly), and the script creates a cylindrical shape (minus top and bottom) that first conforms to the size of the selection, and then deforms to match the shape of the selection, i.e. “shrink wrapping” onto the selection.

 4) I need a MAXScript program where: The user selects an editable mesh or poly (or portion of an editable mesh or poly), and the object is retopologized into as close as evenly sized polygons as possible (quads preferred, with tri-polys where necessary). I would also like the following features: 1) Control over what size edges the polygons should use. 2) A sliding scale determing which of the following takes precedence: evenly sized polygons, or accuracy to the original mesh.

If the scripts work as well as I hope, I am considering incorporating them into a commercial plugin. If you would prefer to maintain part of the commercial rights to any such future project please let me know at the outset. (At this point any such venture is purely speculative, but I believe in being prepared for all eventualities).