Move Conform Brush as Paint Weight between Multiple Selected Bones Script Request...

Guys... I am having issues with making Skin taken from Lowpoly to HIGH poly.

SkinWrap to Skin works not as good as turbosmooth blends the vertices, but Everyone knows that Turbosmooth after Skin goes away in FBX file formats. By hand I ALMOST have got closer to what Turbosmooth does but I had to paint weights by hand and it took me 2 days working with each vertex and I ferl its going to take me few more weeks to finish 1 model as this is highpoly and all done by hand. Also because One vertex had influence of 8 bones/envelopes same time it makes it really hard than just 1 vertex between 2 bones/envelopes. And these vertices are thousands...

I got idea about making script that would "MOVE-CONFORM-BRUSH" drag the vertices between "selected" chosen bones so it wont be changing axis of vertices but will change their weights to reach the position that you drag your conform brush to of vertex at the current animation frame in time line among only selected bones...

And this how it would work:

The goal is: you need to fix some vertices that Skinwrap converted to Skin modifier.
You Open the script, select Skinned Object then Open script again, then select bones on the list of that Skin modifier that object has. Note that you Need select only These bones among which you need to paint/drag influence for vertices, so you select these bones and then you start paint. but not like regular weight paint tool, but you do a Move Conform Brush like the one from FreeForm stack.

So you can Move vertices using ConformMove tool. and Not XYZ will be changing but weights of bones depending how close you conformmovebrush drag these vertices to them(to bones)... and Conformbrush tool does not need a source to paint on because weights will correct the position of vertices and changes will be applied to already existent skin modifier.

It has to be a regular skin modifier so FBX will be supported...

So if you have 1 vertex and influence for example 4 bones on it:
you may have influence like:
0.25, 0.25, 0.25, 0.25
or 0.215, 0.285, 0.051, 0.449
or 0.000, 0.001, 0.000, 0.999
or whatever that sums 1.00 at the end for these 4 bones depending how you drag the vertex with that conform move brush and depending how close this vertex will be to a selected bone.
And you may select up to 10 bones for example maybe.

Anyone can make one?