Need a scripter with good english.

Need a good scripter with good english because the problem I have is quite a complex concept to get across. I think the scripting may be quite complex also and the last thing I want is bad communication.

Basically I need a script to modify any complex curved spline in max (multiple curves + multiple axis including helical curves):

1: divide the spline into simple arcs with 'adjustable tolerance' for helical curves.
2: create a plane at each arc to same dimension
3: extract geometric data from arcs/planes
4: extract orientation data (relative to previous arc/plane) from arc/plane
5: creates suitable data output method.

I have attached 2 files, one is a visual representation of the problem, one text.

If anyone fancies having a go at this, I have a budget, but I dont know how much the job is worth.

Please email me at [email protected]


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