Need a vanish script for 2013

I have tried the scripts here that are used to make objects "vanish" on demand and re-appear, but they are all for older versions of MAX. What I was looking for would be a window opens onscreen, a pickbox asks for an object name, then two spaces ask for 1st key location for picked object to vanish, a second asks when it should reappear, possibly 4 bozes, "start to vanish", "completely gone", "start to reappear", "fully rematerialized" for the Cheshire Cat effect (good script name :-). An additional box on the bottom could allow for a looping effect, adding a second box for keys (thing vanishes and returns more than once? Another variation might be a button on the bottom that allows for looping: "on period", "off period". The use for this would be the manufacturing processes (think How It's Made) that take place so fast unless they use stop motion the parts are on screen in a "Now you see it, now you don't" effect.