open Max 2009 files in Max 2008?


I teach 3ds max at a local college and our school has max 2008 installed. Unfortunately, Autodesk and JourneyEd only sell max 2009 now so our students who purchase the software can't bring their files to school and work on them.

I've heard that you can export your 2009 file as an ascii, edit all instances of "2009" in the code to say "2008" using notepad++, resave the file and then import the file into max 2008 without any problems. I tried this for one of my students but it doesn't seem to work for me.

Have any of you heard of this, or barring that know of a script that would enable students to get their files back & forth?

If only there were a "Ignore version" option when opening files as there is in Maya...

Thanks to anyone who might have a solution.