Remove raytrace from reflection slot - multiple materials


I am looking for a 3ds max script (R.7) which allows me to remove Raytrace maps from the reflection slot of all materials in a scene. I'm trying to convert a Vray scene to scanline. I have succeeded in converting to scanline using another plugin. Unfortunately, all the materials which had a VrayMap in the reflection slot now have a Raytrace map. As a result the scene is impossible to render because there are two many raytrace surfaces.

I therefore need a script which removes all instances of Raytrace reflections from the materials in a scene.
Alternatively, i need a script which converts Vray materials to scanline, and which replaces the "vraymap" in the reflection slot with "none".

Can anyone advise - or is anyone available to create this script for me ? I'm willing to pay to have this done.

many thanks