Replace HDRI/VrayLight with "cheap" lights

Hey there,

I´ve had a bunch of situations, where I had to recreate a HDRI and or Vray Light setup with simple direct lights. For some FX elements, like Phoenix Particle shader or Hair, rendering with the normal scene light setup increases rendertimes to crazy amounts, vs creating a separate lighting setup for just those elements.

My last test was 8 hours with the normal scene lights, including HDRI, vs 4 Minutes with a direct light setup.

My wishlist for this script would be:

1. Pick HDRI to replace.
2. Pick number of light sources to find in the HDRI (the ones here on scriptspot only find one)
3. Pick Vraylights to replace.
4. Match color, intensity, position and light decay.
5. Optional: Pick object to center Direct lights around, so you could move the hole new light right via a helper around that Object.
6. Optional: link that helper to the Domelight, so it rotates the lights, when the Domelight is rotatet.
7. Optional: Link the direct lights to the vraylights they are replacing, so they are moved when the vraylights are moved.
8. Optional: Make master multiplier, to increase or decrease all light intensities relatively, if needed.

I would pay 10-20 bucks for a script like this, if you wanna make it commercial...;)