Save scene with "_sol" suffix (+ save 1 increment) after rendering has been done

Hello Scriptspoters,

In render engine that i use, there is an option to manually save global illumination solution with scene, after GI prepass has been done (there is an option to save to file also, but it has to be done manually also, and it's not scriptable). This manual scene saving every single time after rendering is not only repetitive and boring, but also has reliability issues in case of any unexpected failure.

What i would find beautifully useful is if this action could be done automatically, after rendering has been done (and after all post-render effects has been done).

Please see if you could help me with post render script for Max 2012 (i suppose post render script would be right choice here), that would save the same scene adding "_sol" suffix (it would save GI solution with the scene and keep the same scene name adding "_sol"), and optionally, after that, save 1 scene increment (save new scene with adding numbering suffix to previous scene name - it would keep GI solution in incremented scene, adding "01" to existing "_sol" suffix) just for safety reasons - for example, if i am not near pc when rendering has been done, and if pc shuts down unexpectedly for any reason (electricty failure, etc...), incremented scene with "_sol01" suffix may become corrupted, but healthy "_sol" scene would perfectly keep saved GI solution in it.

Thank you so much for your help on this repetitive task, with regards to reliability,