Script needed for Importing and Exporting of wft format model from the game GTA IV

Hi Friends, Me and many others i know are desperate for a 3ds max script to import and export models from the game GTA IV but my lack of knowledge on scripts halts any modding for me and many or my firends.

There is a 3d programe out there called Zmodeller 2 which can do this but the software is very complicated to use for me and many others, with 3ds max its much more user friendly and has more features, I used to do modding for GTA San Andreas and there was a 3ds max script available for this and the author known as Kam made this but is no longer available to contact so i belive....

So please if there is anyone that can do this and make it possible, i know lots of people that will be very happy indeed including me. Also it might be worth getting some information from Oleg who is the founder and creator of Zmodeler and has made it possible to import and export this WFT 3d format file.

I have attached a WFT file if needed.