Spherical Multi-Camera Projection

Hi Everyone,

Just for clear understanding what I need, I will separate my post one several stages.
1) Introduction
My company makes interior and exterior 3d tours (example: https://player2.the-view.pro/?locationId=8. Pay attention for 3d model of dollhouse). For one tour we have a lot of panorams and one low poly model (~200.000 polys). It has enough quality for web publishing.

2) What.
Problem is large pipeline per tour. Making hi-poly 3d model and rendering a lot of panorams it's ok. But when we export all this staff to the TheViewVR, we should optimize model and than bake (render) textures in 3ds max. It takes a lot of time.
What we need is to create simple script for spherical multi-camera projection (we will project ready panoramas on low poly geometry).

3) How
All details about script and my thoughts I will discuss in private chat. In general, script should (v1.0):
-understand one closest camera for every polygon and make projection on it (I will explain how it works in 3ds max, using modifiers)
-understand which polygon INVISIBLE from closest camera and take projection on it from closest VISIBLE camera (visible - not hidden behind any geometry). For this I have script which delete invisible polygons, it will help
-project and bake texture on model.
-work with animated camera
-make uvw atlas for meshes (one mesh take texture from different panoramas).
This is basic requirements for first version of script, if will work good, I do want make v2.0 with model optimization.

Feel free to send me email, or write private message.

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