Spline Radial Symmetry Modifier

(Paid/Bounty Commission!)

I am looking for a plugin that works similarly to this, except for SPLINES rather than geometry:

Currently that plugin above automatically converts spline objects to poly when activated. I need the resultant object to STAY a spline in this version.

I need most of the same features:
- Option to mirror along X, Y, or Z axis.
- Option to weld seams so that there are no overlapping splines. this means the ability to set the weld threshold for the knots.
- Option to "smooth seams" (if the seam comes to a point, the ability to set that point to bezier smooth)
- Option to "mirror (2X Count)" so that the spline is continuous.

The result has to be clean enough (NO self-intersections) so that it can be converted to an editable poly without disappearing.

I believe there is demand for this kind of thing and am fine with you selling the script afterwards in addition to getting payment from me.

Please contact me at [email protected] with a quote, or respond to this thread. Thank you.