Undo / Redo Issue

Dear ScriptSpotters!

I don't know about you, but I'm having problems with the undo/redo handling since they got placed to the "quick access bar". (underlined with red: http://www.missingcloud.com/ize/undos.JPG ).

Unfortunately not just the place is different than earlier, but it's behavior is different as well: You can't just right-click them to get a list of undo/redo history. ( I know it can be dropped down as a list when clicking the little arrows, but right-clicking would be faster + would make more sense I think.)

AFAIK we can't have the old undo/redo buttons to be placed back to place it was.
So I created buttons having the undo/redo functions and placed them at the main toolbar (underlined with blue in the above link), but this way one can't use them with right click.. So no "super easy to use history" here as well.

How about you ?

I don't now if it's possible to create a script that acts exactly like the "history panel" in photoshop, but it would be nice to have a dockable window open at any times that shows the history of customizable number of commands. Nothing fancy really.

What do you think ?

Thanks for your input,