Wanted. Script to attatch objects to other objects by their Material Id

Hi. I have been trying to work out how to attach facial hair, such as eye brows eye lashes etc to a head that has a morph modifier. If you change the poly count of a morphed head without making the same changes to all the morph heads then it stops working. By assigning an object to a material ID would mean you just have to change the master head morph rather than having to go through the whole stack of heads. It will avoid messing up the poly counts of heads as well.

It would be great if someone could make a script that enables an object, i.e. eye lashes to be attached to a material id that has been assigned to the main morph head and where you want the new object to be located i.e.poly's selected around the eyes with their own Mat ID.

Please let me know if anyone knows if such a script exists or if someone can write the script for me for a fee.