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A little free plug-in which allows you to move selected objects with A,W,S,D keys. If it will be useful for someone, I will improve it.

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3DS Max 2010 and higher
move_objects_with_keyboard_crea3d.mse1.54 KB


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It's true.

It's true. Net Framework automatically installs with 3Ds Max so as I said, you don't need additional software.

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I have bought the plug-in.

I have bought the plug-in. Everything seems to work fine. I agree that everything can be hacked in future but now it's definitely better than ".mse". Dotnet it requires already installed with Max.

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'keep calm and put the kettle

'keep calm and put the kettle on'.

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Please, don't quarrel...

Please, don't quarrel...

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i gotta confess, I'm an animal lover so I'm slightly biased towards defending them...frogs, bees...bloody humans just can't leave the animals in peace...frog in space, that'll be the day...

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Yeah - i don't exclude both

Yeah - i don't exclude both parties when beggin to relax a bit. Possibly some posts have been edited, as i can't really see outlandish claims anywhere, it's more the rough and accusative tone (on both sides) which seems a bit unfounded to me ..

@Sharks: I thought "pool of sharks" is an idiom to describe hostile environment, of course i did'nt want to discriminate and prejudge the  peacefull population of sharks in the whole world Innocent

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yeah fair points

(tho its unfair to use 'sharks' to portray something 'bad')

if you go back and look at brainsgonedead question where he asked specifically if this Maxscript Protector can beat a certain decrypter, link provided and all, then you read the author's answer could not be anymore EMPHATIC...not only against said tool but all similar !!!

so if ppl are pointing out outlandish claims to boost sales are just see them as sharks...i see them as contributors...everyone who has picked apart this encrypter is NOT saying stop development or stop contributing...they are simply pointing out hey this doesn't work as claimed...redesign it, improve we are providing free beta testing...

don't even think about calling ppl vultures...vultures do good, they clean up the environment.

(edit: whilst I cannot speak for others, I did list 2 possible options,
1) he did use Maxscript Protector on the AutoSmooth Selected....and
2) he did NOT...

for me i couldn't care less if the encryption was broken, hey quantum computers are coming, but more importantly in option 2, if he was going on and on and on about protecting your intellectual property from 'hacks'...why didn't he use his own encryption on his scripts? don't say ..oh i was too busy, it couldn't take more than a second to encrypt it and no you can't say well i wanted to give an opensource script to help mse format

I've no idea about encrytion/decryption, but why worry about providing an actual encrypted script and risk having your intellectual property cracked....why not simply pick an excerpt from some literature works like Shakepspeare's, encrypt that and put that up for scrutiny or what about Tales from the Encrypted ?)

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Time to relax a bit...

3ds Max community seems to be like a pool of sharks nowadays. Where is the good community spirit ?
As far as i understood, Creat3D did'nt encrypt his previously released scripts wih his own tool. They are plain standard mse encrypted. So i guess back then his encryption tools was not ready - fine. Maybe there is some fear involved, that publicly posting scripts encrypted by his method would attract crackers to hit on that target - i somehow can understand, so possibly i would do the same and would'nt use this fresh encryption method on some low profile scripts either ...
As we all know - everything will be cracked some day

The only thing that's wrong is the statement that mse encrypted scripts are open source, they are not. I would'nt even call standard .ms scripts "open source" as long they aren't accompanied by a specific open source license.

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(if ms or if mcr ==

You have attached my free scripts which I didn't encrypt because I made them 'opensource' and writing something about lies

(if ms or if mcr == opensource)then mse !=opensource .....savvy?

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This thread is full of

This thread is full of strange conclusions :D

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