Move selected object with keyboard

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A little free plug-in which allows you to move selected objects with A,W,S,D keys. If it will be useful for someone, I will improve it.

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3DS Max 2010 and higher
move_objects_with_keyboard_crea3d.mse1.54 KB


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Oh, I understood your

Oh, I understood your misunderstanding! I DIDN'T USE MAXSCRIPT PROTECTOR TO ENCRYPT THESE SCRIPTS! It's an ordinary mse. I will use my protection in future paid plug-ins.

Examples of protected scripts will be available soon.

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it is indeed encrypted

it is indeed encrypted crea3D....


if you dont wanna accept this as your doing then its your failure , and it'll effect on your product sales....

hmm its people's we are talkin about not robot... theres always complainer,critizer and so on , so its best to put good face first and then provide good service....and once again its people we are talkin about.

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huh ?

AutoSmooth Selected IS encrypted....go check your own link !!! It is
encrypted, mse !!!!!

Just for the hell of it I used the 'decrypter' and cracked it in a flash. Confirmed Alex's finding.

1) if you used YOUR own encryption, well it didn't work

2) if you used something else to encrypt the AutoSmooth Select..
WHY ???? No confidence in your own encryption that you are selling ?

Who's lying ?

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alexnguyen, what you are

alexnguyen, what you are talking about? You have attached my free scripts which I didn't encrypt because I made them 'opensource' and writing something about lies. o_O What the heck?

Whatever you do for people, they are always unsatisfied.

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don't accuse people man!

don't accuse people man! maybe its not encrypted with his tool!?!

- but I do agree maybe he must provide sample which encrypted using his tool...
- his mxs writing style is bit off too
- those two tool , is it worth to be encrypted nor even to be decrypted?

but I do believe if you don't believe in your seller don't buy from them , I think.

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you lie us

you are joking me right ???

AttachmentSize 1.11 KB 1.39 KB
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Yes. You can't get source

Yes. You can't get source code with this tool. mse is decrypted inside another way. You can't decrypt protected script using this tool and all similar tools. Maxscript protector was created for this purpose.

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Hi, is your decryption able to beat this download hack? It is the tool I used to edit your info script...

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It was good

Competition was good. People have coped well with decrypting ;)

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it's a pity.

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