10 Year Anniversary Contest #5

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It's the 10th Anniversary of ScriptSpot and there are quite a few prizes to give away! There will be a new contest and new prizes every Monday and you'll be able to enter those contests by the following Friday (5 days). You may increase your chances of winning by referring your friends! This is the fifth contest and is closed to new entries. See winner announcement below! 

Let the giveaways begin!

Prizes: 1 Year 3D World Magazine Subscription, Siger Shaders & epictor Image Credits

This week there will be 2 winners. Each winner will receive a 1 year subscription to 3D World Magazine ($121 value), choice of 3 Siger shaders + VRay/MR Material Presets Pro(value varies with selection but estimated at $200) & a credit at epictor for images / skies ($70 value). Prizes will be awarded randomly to people who answer the contest entry questions correctly. Note you can significantly improve your chances of winning by referring people to the contest (see bonus below).


You must answer the questions correctly in order to be eligible to win. Don't worry though - they're not hard it shouldn't take more than 5 minutes but you'll need to search a bit to find the answer... You may enter only once, duplicate entries will be ignored.


You may increase your odds of winning by referring up to *5* friends, classmates or coworkers. Anyone who enters your ScriptSpot username (not your real name) as the referrer will get a bonus chance to win and will give you a bonus chance to win as well. Example: Travis enters the contest and tells his friend Mario about it too. Mario enters the contest and now they both have 2 chances to win because of the referral bonus. The more you spread the word the more you increase your chances of winning!

Congrats to the winners Remco Schilder & Daniel Santana! 

Thanks for playing everyone and a sincere thanks to these generous sponsors!