10 Years - In Search Of A Logo

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A component of the regular UI changes has been the changing / improving (IMHO) of the ScriptSpot logo. While early logo attempts were certainly not the best from a graphic design POV they also didn't do much to define what the site was.

The current logo is based on the idea that ScriptSpot is a global community. The dots surrounding the large blue ball signify people - like you - all around the world who contribute their tools for the rest of us to use on ScriptSpot.

Here's a list of logos - many of which are just really bad in so many ways which is why it's fun to see how art is refined & grows over time. I know - they start out really bad but that's the fun part (IMHO) in looking at these early designs. The design progresses from 2000 (the oldest) thru the current logo which was conceived in 2006 then refined slightly in 2009.