A few new updates today + fixed old script categorization + a new contest

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So, the site's been down now for 2+ hours while I've been painstakingly merging data from my local dev machine with the live site. This past week I've spent quite a while going over the old scriptspot data and properly categorizing scripts (one of the biggest problems with the current site is scripts weren't categorized properly). Fortunately, thats should all be fixed now (I only say "should" since I can't possibly check every page, so if something was left out, use the contact form below to reach me).

Here are a few of the changes released today:

  • Script categorization that matches the old scriptspot so its easier to find / browse for scripts.
  • CSS improvements which means its easier to tell one script from another when viewing lists, etc.
  • Reorganized the display of content so author name / version info is always at the top while the download location / attached files are highlighted at the bottom.
  • Reorganize content submission form to make it easier / faster to submit content and enter the important info
  • Changed the comment box to be at the bottom of posts - hey, its now 1 click easier to give your opinion
  • Changed the text editor to be "off" by default but it can be set to "on" in your user profile page if you'd rather.
  • New raffle. I've been wanting to let this loose for a while. HP has a new workstation for one of you lucky readers. Yep. An HP xw4400 & 20" LCD to be exact. More details to follow later this afternoon! The only thing that will damper some of your enthusiasm, this is a USA only raffle - sorry, not my decision :-( ...