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UPDATE: v1.0Beta

Hi Again!

Thought i would give you guys a christmas Preset! ;) What better then to make fire whens its cold! Well unless your an aussie, as that would just be plain stupid ;)

Fixed two more Bugs:
ToolTip was incorrect on the animation controllers.
Animation wasn't keyed on the explosion, when the animation coller tick box was off.
EDIT: Fixed the saveOutput Bug.

Anyways the instructions are in the .rar file attached.
Also creating Fume container's through maxscript breaks the preview window, restarting max sovles the issue.
Also v1.1 FumeFX wont actually work with this, as they changed the preset files from 1.1 to 1.2. Getting FumeFX 1.2b fixes this issue.
Also thanks for all the replies and emails i have been one slack person with responding, busyier then I like to think.






Not too long ago I decided to start tackling some Max script to speed up my work flow, after doing a simple tool for cracking geo (just like rayfire by mirvadim.....which IS far more stable, and integrated into reactor/PhysX), I decided to tackle something which extends the "preset" functionality in FumeFX.

Basically what I have made is something that takes the auto pilot out of the initial set-up, (which I have now found to save me anywhere from 15 -30 mins of intial set-up on effects, this is great as I am just making my fx's library at work, so there's nothing to go from.)

A quick run-down: Makes a container, light, source, add them together with their own specific attributes, loads in a preset i have created. Then one button click later and your simulating a preset like fire, or an explosion.

What I have is fairly basic and I plane to extend this further in my spare time. But ANY feed back on what I am making/showing would be awesome!

ATM I'm not looking at releasing it, as is a bit buggy, and fairly simple, but once I have a tone more presets, get it being allot more reliable, and overall more "complete", I'll then most likely will release it out.

Currently I have made four main and one standard preset: a "default", "Fire", "Explosion", "Oil Fire" and "Mist".

I'm looking to add more elements like different types of smoke, more elements to explosions, embers into fire, magical effects, handles (in view port) for extra animation, material connection into FumeFX,container baking to moving objects, baking to particles, and also particle driven fume.
A nice long list, but something which will save me heaps of time making FX's at work, and also save other time as-well.

Anyways here's a link to all the video's that are on my site (hosted on youtube through my website, and should be HD), please comment, as the feedback for what you guys think or would like to see would be fantastic!


Cheers Kieran!

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Wow! I just recieved an

Wow! I just recieved an email from admin which sent a link back through to this post.....Sorry guys for no update on this i hadn't seen a an email about anyone leaving comments hear since Jordan way back in July... So sorry if you guys had been hanging out for this...

Its nice to know this could be usfull for so many people. Okay, i am keen to release it...but a few thing, which i haven;t gotten time to get to work on yet...I'll through this out there, but for the last 2 months i have been job hunting and writing a script was a very low priority, then also since August my project starting hitting crunch, so 12 hour days doesn't make for scripting time when i get home at 10pm... But in the little bits of time that i have started cleaning my script up, started making some more spawning option (was hoping fume 1.2b would of had the fixes...so a dodgy hack is needed.). So here's the update!

...And to the people with the "bite" in there comments, if you have anything to ask flick me a email, generally i'll answer them in about a week...Making un-thought out remarks doesn't bring a nice feeling to the forum...(sorta a case of something bad to say dont say anything at all????)

Also...I've moved countries temporarly, and left a large part of the script back at home :(..incidentlty the important part...whoops. But i will try and get this section, and will i have nothing to do i' getting somthing sorta...how about I'll by xmas....

Thanks for the interest everyone.

Kieran Ogden-Brunell | www.kobfx.com

Kieran Ogden-Brunell | www.kobfx.com | www.vimeo.com/kobfx

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Been tracking this post

Been tracking this post since july...dude...seriously - nothing? If nothing, commercial or otherwise is ever going to be released, this post should not exist. I apologize if offending anyone or summoning the wrath of administrators, but it's better to post something that might be useful than posting something that's only true function proves to be a link up to a website with videos of how something like this might work and a demo reel. I understand the very ambitious task of completing something like this, but at least an update on the progress or response on posts would be nice. Shun me if I'm wrong. I'm not a talented sciptwriter. I live for 3D and I'd love to be able to use something that would simplify my fx usage. Kieran, honestly, please give us some feedback. It would be greatly appreciated. You're obviously talented and know what you're doing. My sincere apologies if I'm out of line, we've just all grown somewhat impatient concerning whether or not you are ever going to release any information concerning this post.

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nice scritp, i was thinking

nice scritp, i was thinking about making one like this.

What about yours? still in progress?

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will this script be release

will this script be release or not? it seems that you only tried to call the atention so people can see what you can do but the script seems not to even exist

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beta beta beta!!beta

beta beta beta!!beta beta!!
man i'm very eager to see it!!
the fume fx UI is killing me,every time i work on something with fumeFX then doing other work for a month or something i forget all about this crowded,hostile-unfriendly- UI.

A muslim Egyptian 3D artist,cartoonist

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good stuff, have u released

good stuff, have u released it?

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I wanna use the Fumefx

I wanna use the Fumefx presets ,I think it is so good that I can work more easily.Thank you so much.

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good. it beta

good. it beta

masquerade's picture

I cant agree more. You

I cant agree more. You should definitely release it as beta.

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The presets look great.

The presets look great. Would be a great script with just those presets! You should release it as a beta if its not quite finished

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