Motiva COLIMO 1.0! for windows now shipping with the beta price until Dec. 25

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I'm glad to announce that COLIMO 1.0! RC1 (finished but manual still needs a review) has been released.

Thanks to all the Luxology staff is a must since they kindly have help us to bring this app to Modo 501 using the new SDK.

The current price 79€ will be kept until Christmas day. In that date the final 1.0! will be released and the price will be raised to 139€. We've delay this release date to offer the modo 501 customers the change of get it at beta price for some days.

For anyone that still don't knows what COLIMO is I'll post some videos.

Overview I
Overview II
SSR Preview (still not supported in modo but soon)
1.0! Preview
Modo workflow
3DMax workflow (mentalray, vray, maxwell)
Manual workflow (unsoported renderers, Maya and Softimage)

Hope you like it.