Motiva Colimo released

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COLIMO stands for Color & Light Modulator, and it's a real time post-production tool that allows change materials over pre-rendered images, taking in account physical accurate reflections, refractions and GI bleeding.

For better understanding of what COLIMO does, you can see the next videos:

Overview I

Overview II

At this moment, the images must be generated on a host application supporting Mental Ray, since some special channels are needed (generated with a custom mental ray shader). This not implies that you must use Mental Ray for rendering, you can use any other (Vray or Maxwell, in example). In the next videos you can see the automatic workflow and the manual workflow.

Automatic Workflow video

The automatic workflow is available for 3dsmax and some render engines: Scanline, Vray, Mental Ray and Maxwell 1.7 (support for 2.0 will be added). You can use the manual workflow for any other engine. In this video you can see an example of manual workflow with Fryrender, which is used as example because it never could be added to the automatic workflow since there's no access to the render parameter or materials from the host application.

Manual Workflow video

Last video, playing with downloadable kitchen demo:

For more information or download the demo: