Para 3d 4.93 released.

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Para 3d Version 4.93 release date: 7-June-2017

This is an upgrade to Para 3d 4.9 and you must install Para3d 3d v4.9 prior installing the upgrade .

New features

  • "Non selected" option has been added to Para Edit poly sub-object selection methods.
  • Using Test controller you can check if a list contains a float number or not.
  • User can control the precision in Curve controller.
  • Enable modifier options has been added to reference arrays (Parametric Array).


  • bug fixed in displaying values (spinners) in controller settings (Max 2017 & 2108)
  • Bug in Graph controller and Magnet controller display is fixed
  • Bug in adding attributes to Parametric Array is fixed
  • Bug in transferring controllers from old array to new array is fixed
  • Vertex normal method in Mesh controller returns the true normal if edit poly method selected
  • Bug fixed reloading the magnet controller settings
  • Bug fixed in saving the point positions in Graph controller.
  • In Mesh controller the outgoing edges of a vertex are computed as outward vectors (unified direction)
  • In Mesh controller the length/width and height of the local bounding box is corrected.
  • In Mesh controller The bisector of vertices of a face are now returned in order.
  • Bug fixed in reverse array functionality in Array variable controller.

See previous changes in Para 3d 4.91

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cirilo's picture

Can I do anything with this

Can I do anything with this demo version ?

ali torabi's picture

Hello, Please check the


Please check the following link:

Thank You

blackheaven's picture

how do I get license

how do I get license key?
Thank you in advance)

ali torabi's picture

Hi Jonah, Please email me the

Hi Jonah,
Please email me the request code.
[email protected]

jonahhawk's picture

I was in the middle of

I was in the middle of creating a tool like this (pulling my hair out trying) and here it is! Great tool.

I just upgraded to windows7 and now my license file does not work. I downloaded it again and put it in Scripts/startup after a clean Max install but it is still in demo mode.

What can I do?



ali torabi's picture

Hi Ben, I appreciate your

Hi Ben,
I appreciate your work and thanks for giving time to evaluate Parametric Array.
You are absolutely right. There is no measurement tool that allow you to specify the distance between the objects. But inside codes I have inserted some parameters that let me to add this function when you upgrade to new version. Parametric Array has extremely extendable core. Currently I'm working on new interface which holds these functions as extra options.
Regarding your second comment , I have two ideas. One approach is to implement the functions in C++ and get a modifier like Advanced Array in Blender. Second option is to create a plat form that users can make their own plug-in as result of current array. this would be something like FAMILY objects that you can make in Revit. I really like to discuss this with everyone who is interested. we have made a face book page for these sort of discussions and you are welcome to send your comments there (or on my blog.)

beestee's picture

I am in the process of

I am in the process of evaluating this product to see if it would be a valuable addition to the arsenal of tools at the company for which I work. I watched most if not all of the tutorial videos and the potential seems great for this product, I have played around with it for a bit and I am very impressed

There are a few things I would like to get some clarification on before making the recommendation:

1. I could not find an easy way to distribute objects along paths with set distance increments. I assume that I would be able to mimic completely the features of the inbuilt spacing tool were I to plunge into the scripting portion of your tool, but before I devote any time to do that I just want to make sure it is possible.

2. The functions of this tool would seem much more usable as a modifier. Is this something that could happen in the future?

Thank you, and keep up the great work!

Ben Steinert

ali torabi's picture

Hi spike, You should be able

Hi spike, You should be able to use the script for the limited number of items in each array. For the license please visit the following link:



spikeadeliv's picture

Very nice and looks extemely

Very nice and looks extemely promising, I downloaded the script, installed as directed, a dialog box came up saying this version is a demo and to copy a licence request and email it for a licence, do I need a licence?
Can I use the script without one?



ali torabi's picture


permanent installation(recommended): Extract the files from archive folder and copy them under script/startup.
if you have a license file then copy it as well.
On demand installation : if you don't want the parametric array comes up automatically then run the script form utility bar on demand.

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