ScriptSpot needs a few good volunteers [3ds max]!

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I'm looking for some volunteers to help foster the ScriptSpot community in a few key areas:

  • Forum Assistants (FA) will be able to manage forum topics and report spam. They will in essence represent ScriptSpot and will help in responding to ScriptSpot comments / suggestions related to the site.
  • Site Assistants (SA?) will be able to edit submitted content in order to fix any errors or keep the site updated. SA's will also help in managing any spam.
  • Theme developers. I will setup special subdomains for testing purposes
    where you will be able to develop your own theme for ScriptSpot. Once
    testing is complete the theme will be rolled into the public site and
    will be visible to all. Theming requires experience (or at least an
    interest in learning) CSS. There are literally hundreds of drupal themes already available, so this could be more of an exercise in changing an existing theme than creating a new one, but I leave those creative bits up to you all...

If you're interested, please use the contact form to get in touch.