SoulburnScripts Updated July 18th 2008

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(Copied from Neil Blevins' email list)

Created one new script:

polyCountSelector: Selects objects based on their facecount.

Updated several older scripts, here's the major updates:

bitmapCollector: Now searches your mappaths and local maxdir for missing bitmaps.
modifierUtilities: Added a new mode for selecting objects with uVWMapping Modifiers with a specific map channel.
subdivisionAutomator: Added a new button to select all the scene objects with a skip tag. Good for quickly seeing which objects in your scene will be skipped by the script.
transformSelector: Added ability to find non-reset transforms. Good for finding any objects that have no had their transforms reset.
blendedBoxMapMaker: Fixed a bug that would crash the script when reading in defs.
objectPainter: In case you have a slow computer, you can now have your painted objects appear in box mode. Cleaned up interface some, it was getting too long.

Thanks To everyone for your support.

- Neil