SoulburnScripts Updated May 16th 2008

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Some new scripts and new features.

Max script update:

The scripts have now been tested in Max 2009, and everything seems
fine. So I'm adding official compatability with Max 2009. Let me know
if you run into any weirdness.

Added 2 new scripts:

VertexMapDisplayer: Toggles or turns on or off the vertex map
viewport display for all scene or selected objects.
instanceTrimmer: Takes a selection and reduces the selection to
include only a single instance from each set of instances.

Updated several scripts, here's the major updates:


Fixed bug that can cause a crash when not using auto-detect mode.
objectReplacer: Now retains child info as well.
nameManager: Added several new modes, a mode to name objects
based off material names, and a strip function and a uniquify name
function. Also reordered a number of functions, so please be careful
when starting the script that the function you've previously chosen
hasn't changed to a new one before executing it. You can also just go
to your scripts\SoulburnScripts\presets directory and delete any file
named nameManager.ini, then you should be safe.
blendedBoxMapMaker: Added a way to specify the size of the
objectDetacher: Gives an error message when trying to work on
an object it can't affect.

Thanks to everyone for your support.

- Neil