The new simulator for fire, smoke and haze Phoenix Fluid Dynamics is released

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Hot news about the latest product developed by Chaos Group: the fluid dynamics plug-in for 3ds Max Phoenix FD is officially released and available from today, 9th of August 2010.

Phoenix FD is in a promotional period from the 9th of August until 10th of September 2010 with a promotion price of EUR 350/USD 445/GDP 295. The official product price is EUR 695/USD 895/GDP 575.

The software perfectly combines a grid based simulator with outstanding rendering capabilities. In addition to the usual uniform fluid behavior, Phoenix FD is capable of simulating a whole array of additional processes like pressure decay, thermal radiation cooling and mass-temperature dependence.

The product comes with a number of new features like fast physically based simulation core, background simulation, wind from movement, fluid source form pre-simulated surface, particle based sources, GPU accelerated preview, texture driven simulation, displacement, rendering of textures and many others. Read more from the Phoenix FD product overview made by Torgeir Holm, Creative Director 3D and VFX + Partner/Owner at Netron 2.0 AS and Editor at He made simulations showing some of the best features in the product package.

Have a great summer time with Phoenix FD and our latest promotions!