Ty Loar Du for 3ds Max, a new coding way without writting a line of code.

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Hello everybody,
I'd like to introduce you "Ty Loar Du", a nodal programming tool that allows you to create programs without writting any line of code. It is a very new way of coding in any language like MaxScript and Python for 3DS Max.
The goal of this fantastic editor is to give the opportunity to create as many libraries of Blocks of code as you want in any language or script.
The main objective is to simplify the programming process thanks to Blocks that already contain routines, processes, methodes of code lines.
Every Block linked to each other will form your final coded program.
Each Block has parameters and helpers to know exactly how to use them efficiently.
Every Block is totally customizable and you can create several Language Libraries as well as Instructions Libraries.
You will no longer waste your time to search how you solve some code problems you made before in any other application as you can find them in a saved Block.
All Blocks libraries can be shared among the community using Ty Loar Du.
Moreover, an Interface Generator is included where you can visually create any GUI in 3DS Max.
As it is a new software that needs new Max Script Libraries, we offer a Free Licence to any person with a strong MAxScript and Youtube experience to create basic or complex intelligent and useful Blocks in MaxScript or Python for 3ds Max language.
We also search people that can do the same for any other language.
Don't miss your chance to get your Free Licence for Ty Loar Du.
Thank you and let's start a new and friendly human adventure.
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