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UV Tools 3

23 votes

Easy to use uv mapping tools for Archviz and not only

More info here

UV Set Editor

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This script is a direct analogue of Maya's UV Set Editor.

Using this script you can:


40 votes

PolyUnwrapper is a complete set of professional tools designed for the texture artists, especially for the architectural and game industries.

It contains plenty of features that will greatly help you improve your unwrapping workflow.



Main Features Features

TexTools: Toolbox for the texture artist

237 votes

Documentation: http://www.renderhjs.net/textools/

UVW Transform Script

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You can easily scale / move UVW.

- Install / How to use Uvw Transform



Ccom Plan Unwrap

2 votes

Auto Unwrap.

Plan Type Object.


waRp UpTile

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This script is used in a specific workflow when exporting objects to Mari. It tiles up the UV patches (each row has 10 patches)

usage: In each UV patch there has to be unwrapped objects that have only one material assigned to them. And that material has to have "_tg" suffix in its name. When executing the script it automatically adds an unwrap uvw modifier, makes selectionSets based on those materials, and then tiles it up, and adds UDIM number (patch number from Mari) to each materials' name.

Roadkill Link

11 votes

Roadkill is an excellent, free app that makes unwrapping models a breeze. This script improves the workflow between 3DS max and Roadkill.

- Enables easy selection of roadkill cut edges.
- Automates exporting and importing to and from roadkill.

The script, instructions and a link to the Roadkill app can be found here:


-16/4/2010 Fixed a bug in Max 2010 where the edges marked in Max were not the edges cut by Roadkill.

Obj-Selector of obj without a UVWMap modifier

18 votes

This short script allows the user to automatically select all
objects in a scene that do not have a 'UVW Map' modifier applied to them.
This is useful especially for users who work with imported data from AutoCAD. The imported data contains uvw information, but in most cases the uvw coordinates need an overwork. This script makes it easier to isolate those objects in the scene.

Simply drag and drop the script into your 3ds max viewport after the import process is finished, et voilà.


7 votes

This script executes same function as Render UVW Template.
But it is saved as uvw_objname.tga in certain path and it can render several objects at the same time

Installation/Notes: 1.Run script
2.Enjoy!!!! ^ ^

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