the journey

well today has been a very constructive day. i stumbled upon this resource for max and it has been amazing. i was working on a number of projects at once and one in particular is stumping me, but with the plugins for max that i took the time to browse through and download, im sure i can find a solution.

a little about me, im an intuitive artist by skill, it comes natural. i started drawing very young and my interest was fueled more by the love of comic books. my uncle was also a major influence in my life, he has been in the comic book industry in one shape or form since i can remember. i am also a veteran of the armed forces of the USA, but i do not agree with the current campaign in the middle east. this has also shaped me and given me life experience. my brother is also a graphics artist and he plans on opening his company soon, so im hoping he takes my offer to join forces and create some major clientel.

i specialize in game modeling, concept sketches and scene renders of space related subjects. im a huge fan of star wars too. i also love to make film, even though i have not had the time recently. im a very hard critic of myself and others, but i also realize there is a human element to creativity. we are not machines.

i am a humanitarian to the fullest, somewhat of a rebel, and a little too darwinian for my parents taste, but i try to be universal in my outlook of life.

my fiance and i of 3 years are expecting our first child. i am excited to say the least. so with that i hope this intro is intriguing and hope you enjoyed reading it.