Maxscript manager v1 for developers is released.

Maxscript manager v1 for developers is released.

This plugin is development by heX .

Idea and sponsorship by me.


  • Display the list of functions and structures from maxscript files in the chosen directory.
  • Inserting the function with parameters into the code.
  • Navigation to function with CTRL+Click.

Project: Navisworks Timeliner to 3ds Max

At work I use Navisworks to do a variety of things, including using it to create animated construction timelines. Naviswork's rendering capability has improved over the years, but there's not many options for controlling how the timeline animation looks, and not many ways to speed up the rendering process. I find the way Naviswork's handles FOV to be quite annoying, and due to time constraints, the best I can hope to do is export viewport sequences. I hope to change that...

subFolder for Elements

Here is an little script for creating sub folders for render elements , just put that in = Render Setup > Scripts > Pre-Render :

Vray Toolbar for VRay 2.x.x

Hi Every One,
I would like to share this simple Modification for 3ds Mx, Which is a toolbar for Vray 2.x.x which has been created based on Vray 3 Toolbar.

Autocomplete in the Maxscript Editor

Autocomplete Maxscript

Draw Tool 1.0

Simple tool for drawing in 3dsmax viewport. Usefull for making graphic comments and markers in scene.

Maxscript Isolate By Material

here is my first new maxscript. Nothing fancy but i believe it's a simple useful tool. This tool helps the user to pick and object then by clicking all objects sharing the same material will remain in the scene, others will be hidden. Also if the selected object doesn't have any material applied to it a dialog box will popup telling the user this and giving him/her the choice to click YES and isolate all objects with no materials applied to them.

makeUniqueArray function

Do you familiar with array and bitarray ?

Let's check in my head about it :p

makeUniqueArray <array>

it's Available in 3ds Max 2008 and higher. Previously available in the free [AVG] Avguard Extensions.

if you are using 3ds Max 9 and Lower without installing [AVG] Avguard Extensions,
you can create a similar function , such as:

fn makeuniquearrayX arr =((arr as bitarray) as array)

explain: the array will convert to bitarray then convert to array again

example to using it:

request for script to create layer from object name.

hi, is it possible to have a script which creates a layer from an object name.

there is a script here which creates a layer from material name.i cannot find it on the site any more so i am attaching the script below

for m in scenematerials do
if LayerManager.getLayerFromName == undefined
then NewLayer = LayerManager.newLayerFromName
else NewLayer = LayerManager.getLayerFromName
for obj in objects do if == do NewLayer.addNode obj
saveMaxFile (getfilenamefile (maxfilename) + "_for_Revit.max") useNewFile: true

Script saving x,y,z,rot coordinates of selected objects from the scene in the 3D Studio Max to file

I thought to share my solution of kind of tricky situation. I`ve got something programmed and controlled in the script (neutral animation like a rotation) and then I wanted to add some HAVOK generated animation based on the nice physical model.
I was trying to export object to dae files md2 files NOTHING was good enough everything simply encrypted to weird structures... so I decided to simplify that to use just frame by frame x,y,z coordinates. Digging sweat in that maxscript I did this:


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