Spline MaxScripts

Attached are two tools for creating splines.

Move Object 1m to left or right

Looking for a simple script to move an object left, right, up, down... at the click of a button.

Button 1 moves an object 1 meter to right.
Button 2 moves an object 1 meter to left.
Button 3 moves an object 1 meter up.
Button 4 moves an object 1 meter down.

When I am in Plan View or Front View I like to move stuff out of the way and then move it back perfectly into position without messing around keying digits in.

Hope someone can help.

NaviSet Transfer 1.0 Release!

Many things have been improved since my last post here, and I thought it would be a good idea to follow up on it to announce that the plugins and scripts have reached 1.0 status. That means you can use it in your work the way I had intended from the beginning.

In addition to being able to transfer sets between Navisworks files and 3DS Max, it also supports the transfer of timelines and task colorization. I’ve created a video to demonstrate these features, which you can view here:

TrackScripts pack updated

TrackScripts pack updated - Adds support to 3ds Max 2016

3DS max easy windows plug-in

I have just created my new 3DS max 2012 plugin for creating windows out of box.
Just make a box in window hole, divide it as you need, that would be the division of the window. After clicking make windows in scene, all boxes will be remade to windows. You can choose from detailed windows with maximum 3x3 divisions, or make a low poly windows with any divisions you need. you can also add a windowsill to the window.
tutorial is here:

Garage Door Rig =)

That's made rig, at the request of a comrade.
I think someone else might come in handy =)


Maxscript Explorer – Notepad++ plugin for developers

New version of Maxscript Explorer for developers is released.

This is totally new version with totally rewrote code.


  • Display the list of functions and structures from maxscript file(s).
  • Multiply project modes: Single file, Project folder, Opened files
  • Go to definition from working area or tree.
  • Ability to insert function with parameters into working area.
  • Navigation back/forward
  • Filter functions by text
  • Ability to hide private members of structs
  • Display tooltips with related comments and parameters for selected function.

Project: Navisworks Timeliner to 3ds Max

At work I use Navisworks to do a variety of things, including using it to create animated construction timelines. Naviswork's rendering capability has improved over the years, but there's not many options for controlling how the timeline animation looks, and not many ways to speed up the rendering process. I find the way Naviswork's handles FOV to be quite annoying, and due to time constraints, the best I can hope to do is export viewport sequences. I hope to change that...

subFolder for Elements

Here is an little script for creating sub folders for render elements , just put that in = Render Setup > Scripts > Pre-Render :

Vray Toolbar for VRay 2.x.x

Hi Every One,
I would like to share this simple Modification for 3ds Mx, Which is a toolbar for Vray 2.x.x which has been created based on Vray 3 Toolbar.

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