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SketchUp Scripts vs. Plugins

ScriptSpot allows me to categorize my SketchUp add-ins under 2 categories: Plugins and Scripts. The line between a script and a plugin is a little grey, I suppose - so here's what they mean for my content:

A Script is a single-file add-in for SketchUp.

A Plugin is a multi-file add-in for SketchUp, downloaded as a .zip file.

Updated Mover Plugin

I've moved the Mover Plugin to ScriptSpot. See my content (on left) for the link.

Mover Script

I posted an updated Mover script for SketchUp. It moves/copies groups or components by a user-settable distance.
See SketchUp Pro Ruby Forum for details.


I recently completed some clean-up work for Four Seasons Sunrooms. The 14 models can be downloaded from Google's 3D Warehouse.


Hi, I'm new here. I've written a few scripts for SketchUp and am looking for a home for them. So far, I like ScriptSpot.

My original blog.

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