Wrapit 1.0 Released


Wrapit 1.0 Released for 3ds max

London, UK, 06/08/2010

Wrapit 1.0 is released today, an efficient, low cost fully integrated 3ds max retopology solution. Wrapit is essentially a tool for conforming geometry to other geometry, this lends itself to various scenarios such as retopologising high-res meshes like those created in Zbrush, Mudbox, 3d Scan data etc, and creating low poly proxies for situations where those are preferable, eg. collision detection, LODS etc.

Wrapit's strength lies in allowing you to use the full set of 3ds max's editable polygon tools, including the already great Graphite tools, whilst working on the surface of a target object. In that respect it’s it’s ease of use is second to none; you can use all your familiar 3ds max working methods, whilst Wrapit keeps things snapped to the surface of your high poly object.

In addition to this Wrapit offers an array of powerfull new retopology tools such as Branch Painting, Strip painting, automatic quad based mesh generation, and a great facility to relax meshes over other surfaces.

“Wrapit has been nothing short of amazing, as it allowed me to quickly bring into my workflow something that makes the lopoly process more precise to my hipoly work, along with speeding up my process on how I handle this area of creation. I cannot see my future workflow without this program, and I personally look forward to what else Wrapit will bring."
- Brett Briley,
Senior Character Artist,
Id Software

"Wrapit has become an essential part of our asset creation pipeline at Firaxis. Having wrap-it as a tool has not only decreased the time required for resurfacing, but it has also allowed us to achieve a more accurate and higher quality level in our models. Wrapit has also become integral in my own workflow for personal work."
-Andrew Kincaid,
Firaxis Games

"Wrapt is a real boon to any character artist and has quickly become an essential weapon. It’s intuitive to use and has made re-top work so much easier and faster to do. The fact it integrates seamlessly with the rest of Max’s tools is really helpful too."
-Toby Hynes,
Lead Artist,

Wrapit is available for purchase now from The Pixel Hive website, for a bargain price of just £35.00+VAT

Matt Clark
The Pixel Hive