Bugs, videos and documentation

Thought I would drop a little update on my progress on the modifier. I have added some more functions, among some randomize objects, use of splines in array, and some more practical fixes, like linking array objects to the dummy or custom object.

I got a functional version of it now, but haven't bug tested it properly yet and I would like like to make another video to showing off the new features first. Also need to do some dull work in the shape of some proper documentation. Think I need to drop the text file and have something where I can use images as well.

Unfortunately I still have a problem with updating the old array to the new one, when I fix one thing, it just breaks something else. So until I know a better way, I'm afraid that all settings in the first rollout will be reset to default when updating.

Tomorrow I'm going to try and make the video and when that's done, quickly bug test the new version. If I don't get any obvious errors, I'm gonna publish the new version.