WIP Array Modifier v0.82

Yawn, its past midnight and I'm tired, was hoping to finish this before I went to bed, but its still teasing a bit. However, I managed to get splines to work with the array, which is great.

I need to make a new video of the new features in the Array Modifier, and make an proper help file I think. Could just make a text file, but would like to have some images of the UI to point to for explanation. Going to look into how you can make .hlp files tomorrow, when I'm finished the script (cross my fingers).

Spend a lot of time today on changes to the script which won't be visible to anyone, but did help the script and myself, for when I'm expanding on it, though it has been time consuming to rewrite some of it. Also did some optimizing and putting some comments in here and there. I think there might be a memory leak somewhere, or maybe not, might just be because of all my testing and crashing of the script. Will see.

Either way, good night and yay for my first blog entry.