Camera Raycast Tool

Tool for creating eye-rays for a camera


The tool creates rays (splines), which are traced from the camera over the selected faces of an object.
PolyMesh-objects automatically receive an Edit_Mesh-modifier, which can be removed by the "Clear"-button.
The lenght of the rays can be chosen by the user.
The ray shows the raytracing paths of the camera. This helps i.e. by placeing objects which should be reflected at a certain face of an object.
The count of the created rays can be limited for not getting too much of it by selecting all faces of an object.
All created Splines are stored on a special layer and can bee deleted by the tool.


- select camera and object
- select the wanted faces of the chosen object for raytracing
- set the lengh of the rays
- create rays
- delete rays after finishing work


- download both scipts
- copy "camraytool_v3.01.mse" to the local Max-Scipts-Folder
- run "", browse for "camraytool_v3.01.mse" and evaluate it
- choose C-Ray under "Customize", "Customize User Interface", "Toolbars", Category: "merlinScritps"
- drag&drop C-Ray to your toolbar

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